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Description and price

Teid ootab 2 magamistoaga maja, kus voodikohtasid on 6-le. Magamistubadesse mahub kumbagi 2 inimest (kaks üheinimese voodit). Elutoas on lahtikäiv diivan, kuhu mahub 2 inimest. Avaras elutoas on olemas õdus kaminahi.

Free WIFI on the premises with local TV channel together with a channel for children. A selection of board games and toys both for grownups and little ones.

Majas oma köök, kus on olemas sööginõud ja söögi tegemise tarvikud 6-le inimesele (pliit, ahi, külmkapp sügavkülmaga, mikrolaine ahi, veekeetja, kohvi presskann, teekann, röster). Avar elutuba koos kaminaga ning vannituba.

The house is suitable for disabled people (wheelchair access).
100 €/night

Bicycle rent

There are 6 bicycles ready for you to go and discover the surrounding scenery and sightseeing objects. Why not use it just to go to the beach or a quick stop at the local grocery store.

5€ person


You can enjoy a freshly renovated sauna. Although a bit more work needs to be done, it can be used. The stage is large and comfortable, it also accommodates the whole guest house nicely. We have built the sauna on a traditional concept, so those who are interested can enjoy the sauna as it used to be in the old days- use a branch of leaves and wash directly in the sauna. You can also wash in the guest house.

50€ 4h
PS: prebooking required