Tamme, Voka küla, Toila vald
41718, Ida-Virumaa

+372 5268096


By car

Driving from Toila turn north after 3 km onto a gravel road. There is a small post to mark turning point. From here you can see a two-story white old country house with a big spruce in-front of it and that’s exactly where you need to go. On the gravel road, keep left near the pile of rocks and after a couple of hundred meters you have successfully arrived.

By public transport

The most spacious and fastest public transport to use is by train. Get off in Jõhvi. From Jõhvi you need to get to the bus terminal (1 km) where a free bus to Voka gets you very close to us. Get off at the final stop and from there start walking toward Toila about 1 km and turn north on the gravel road. You can see us from there already.


The closest grocery store is in Voka. From there you get a reasonable choice of what you might need. It is approximately 2 km to the east from us. If you ask, we can show you a shortcut, which will save you 0,5 km.

You can also find a store in Toila which is to the east (about 4 km).


If you do not wish to cook for yourself there are a few options near us. The closed places to eat are in Toila. Two are open throughout the year.
Vana Fregati Pub (4 km to the west, next to Toila grocery store)
Restaurant Mio Mare (located on the bottom floor of Toila SPA, 5 km to the west)

During the summer season you can find lovely little cafes in the beautiful Toila park and beach where you can also get something to eat.